WhatsApp Transparent APK v12.4 Download For Android

WhatsApp Transparent Apk was made with new technology so that we can have the best experience possible with a WhatsApp mod. The person who made the app is very smart and creative, and they are busy updating which is good because it gives us brand new features and a smooth experience.
A third-party developer made WhatsApp Transparent APK, a version of WhatsApp that has been changed. Many years of work have gone into making these mods, giving people better features than the original WhatsApp. With this changed version of WhatsApp, you can do many things on your phone that you can’t do with the regular version. Also, this new version is free of viruses and bugs and has some extra features. And since the performance is so good, there’s no reason not to install this WhatsApp Transparent and enjoy these cool features without slowing down your phone.

What is WhatsApp Transparent APK?

WhatsApp Transparent is a WhatsApp MOD that lets us chat like the original client but also gives us more privacy and customization options. It lets us send files, make video calls, and send audio notes. The most interesting thing is that it has a transparent interface by default. This means we can see all the texts on top of the wallpaper on our phone’s home screen.


Better security features

Better privacy options have been added to WhatsApp Transparent GB Plus. You can hide your privacy settings and whether or not you’re online. You can go online on WhatsApp without telling your friends. It lets you hide your friends’ online statuses so you can scroll through WhatsApp without chatting or replying to messages.


Much better, and you can change a lot

It gives you more ways to customize it, lets you send files in bulk, and lets you personalize chats and mark important messages with stars. It also lets you send big files.

Made changes to hidden parts

It has better features for hiding your status, but you must be careful when using them because WhatsApp might stop you from using them repeatedly. With this new version, you can also remove the forward flag from messages that have already been sent.


In the first version, you could only send 30 photos simultaneously. Now, you can easily send 90 photos at the same time.


With this updated version, you can send any file, which you couldn’t do with the first version of Whatsapp.


In the first version of Whatsapp, you could send videos up to 16MB in size, but no bigger. But this application has now gone over this limit. Instead of 16 MB, you can upload up to 70 MB of video.


Whatsapp opens you download a lot of different and fun themes. Also, you can now change the themes whenever you want and choose the one you like best.

Media sharing

With WhatsApp Transparent, you can share media files with a group. Before, you could only send 30 photos at a time to your friends. Now, you can send more than 100 photos at once. On WhatsApp, you can send more than 100MB of audio. These features are a lot of fun, so you need to use WhatsApp on your phone to enjoy them.


In the initial version, you could only send 30 photos at once, but in this version, you can easily send 90 photos at once.


How to install WhatsApp Transparent APK?

Last but not least, here are the steps you need to take to make your favorite messaging app your own:
Save a copy of your conversations from the Settings menu.
Go to your phone’s Settings menu to remove the app.
Get the APK file and open it. Remember that you have to set up your device so that you can install apps from places that you don’t know about.
Choose your country to start using the app.



Q1. What is Transparent in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Transparent is a version of the original WhatsApp that a developer changed from outside WhatsApp.

Q2. How do I get the transparent version of WhatsApp?

To get this mod, click the “Download WhatsApp Transparent” button on this page.

Q3. How do I keep WhatsApp Transparent up to date?

Keep an eye on our website for the latest news about WhatsApp Transparent. If you are using an older mod version, make sure that WhatsApp Transparent has an updated version.


Every day, WhatsApp improves and adds many new features and tools. Facebook is also trying to add the most advanced features to WhatsApp to make it work better. This article was all about WhatsApp and its amazing features. We also published a remade version of WhatsApp with many magic features. So download it immediately and enjoy the same messaging experience with great features and customizable collections of resources.

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