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WhatsApp MOD APK is the updated and edited version of WhatsApp. You must need a quality internet connection to use this APK. This updated version has more features like hiding the last seen, showing deleted messages, hiding blue ticks, showing deleted status, hiding status views and saving statuses. It also has many themes and font styles for your chat screen.

What is WhatsApp APK?

WhatsApp APK is the old version of WhatsApp with less features. This app is free to download. You don’t need to pay or subscribe to any plans for using this app. WhatsApp connects you with your loved ones by chatting, calling, video calling and voice messaging. You can put your pictures, videos and anything else on your status. It provides you a huge platform to chat with your friends, relatives, colleagues. You can react to any message with an emoji according to your mood. What is WhatsApp MOD APK?

WhatsApp MOD APK is the latest version of WhatsApp with some changes in it. This version is the same as WhatsApp with some updated features. You don’t need to buy or subscribe to any plan to avail these features. Accordingly, WhatsApp allows more privacy features like hiding blue ticks, showing deleted messages, hiding last seen, showing deleted status, hiding status views and more. In addition it has a lot of themes and font styles for your chats you can put on.


Hide last seen 50

You can hide your last seen on this WhatsApp Mod APK. Once you hide your last seen from your contacts then it will not be seen to anyone, until you change the settings. This feature allows the users to hide their online status from their contact list.

Blue Ticks Hide

Hide your blue ticks by using this WhatsApp Mod APK. This won’t show your contacts that you have seen their message. It marks your message unseen whenever you see the message. Once you have hidden your last seen it won’t be visible to anyone until you change the settings. This feature is very popular among the users.

Show deleted status and message

This feature allows you to see the deleted messages and status of other users without knowing them. You can see and reply to the deleted message and status of that user. Even if you haven’t read the message and the user has deleted the message, it allows you to read that message. If any one of your contacts has deleted any status, you can see the deleted status.

Make unlimited calls

You can call anywhere in the world audio and video without paying extra charges. You can make unlimited time. It allows you to connect with your loved ones without having any difficulties. You just need a good quality internet to use this app and these features.

 A Lot of themes and font styles

Different themes and alot of font styles are available in this WhatsApp Mod App. Users can apply the theme according to their choice. It allows you to apply your favourite font on your chat. While selecting the font keep in mind, this font will only be visible to you on your chat screen.

Media sending limit

Through this WhatsApp Mod APK, you can send more than 30 images at a time to your contacts. In addition you can also send videos of 5 minutes to your contacts. This WhatsApp brings more media sending limits for its users. You don’t have to wait to send 30 media files one by one. Now you can select media files of your number and send them to your contacts.


  • It allows you to use all premium features without any subscription fee.
  • It has no extra charges for voice calling and video calling your relatives outside of the country.
  • It contains anti banned features.


  •  It is not verified from the Google play store.
  •  It contains malware and viruses which may slow down your phone.
  • Your chats and personal data is not safe in it, because it is easy to hack.

How to install it?

The installation process of this WhatsApp Mod APK is a little bit different from Whatsapp APK.

  1. Firstly, uninstall your WhatsApp APK.
  2.  Click on the URL above to download the WhatsApp Mod APK.
  3. Open the downloaded APK and allow it to install from other sources.
  4. After installation. Logged into WhatsApp Mod APK by entering your mobile number.


This WhatsApp Mod APK is overall a good app for those who want to enjoy extra features of WhatsApp, without any subscription fee. The WhatsApp APK doesn’t access these extra features for users. If you also want to enjoy these fabulous features of WhatsApp then you will surely like the app.

FAQs :

Will my chats be secured in WhatsApp Mod APP?

No, your chats are not secured in this WhatsApp Mod APK, because it is easy to hack and contains viruses.

Is there any limit of typing status in WhatsApp Mod APP?

No, there’s no limit of typing your status in this WhatsApp Mod. You can type your status in more than 300 plus characters.

Is this WhatsApp Mod Application easy to use?

WhatsApp Mod APK is easy to use just like WhatsApp APK.

Why is WhatsApp Mod worth installing?

It is worth installing because it gives you premium WhatsApp features without any type of subscription and payments.


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