Vanced Youtube Music APK v4.65.50 (Premium,Background Play)

Vanced Youtube Music APK, a free alternative to YouTube Music Premium, is a great example of this type of third-party client. In the past few years, many people have become fans of application clients because they offer premium features that would have had to be bought on the original app. Many people can’t afford to buy music monthly, so they look for other ways to get free music. Sometimes the client would have better and more interesting features than the original app.

What is a Vanced Youtube Music APK?

When we listen to music, it’s not just about moving to the beat; it’s also about the vibes and energy these songs give off and the messages we can relate to. Some of these things have helped us, so it seems wrong to charge for them. So, we created the Vanced Music APK. Advanced Music APK is a modified version of the original YouTube Music app, especially the premium version. It is usually installed from the Vanced Manager, a YouTube Download manager app that lets users install the YouTube Vanced app without an SAI installer app. With Advanced Music, you can stream music and use all the extra features and functions you would have had to pay for in the basic YouTube Music Premium.

Features Vanced Youtube Music APK




Mixed Premium

Music advanced has all the premium features of the YouTube Music app, plus extra features that aren’t locked.

Stream music nonstop

With an advanced music app, users can stream music and videos as their user interface. You can watch and listen to original songs and choose whether or not you like them.

Make a Playlist

If you want to make your list of songs, you can easily make a list of your favorites.

Offline Music

This is the best way to listen to music when you don’t have internet access. Yes, you can download songs to listen to when you are not online.

Music without ads

Ads are annoying, especially when listening to music, but you can block all kinds of ads with a YouTube Music Vanced app.

Background Playback

The YouTube Music app doesn’t let you play music in the background by default. But advanced music unlocked these features and let you keep your music on the back play.

Save mobile data

The advanced music app makes videos into mp3 files, which helps you save a lot of roaming data. It automatically turns high-quality video into mp3 so that you can save your data.

Restricted Mode

The Youtube music advanced apk has a Restricte mode that lets you control what your child can see on videos. You can turn it on to keep your child from seeing harmful content.

Bluetooth Mood

You can connect any Bluetooth device to play YouTube Music Advanced songs. Just connect your devices, and you can use any of their features.

How to install Vanced YouTube Music APK?


Installing the app is pretty easy, but it’s not as easy as installing apps. The app comes with a download manager called Vanced Manager. To use it, you will need to do the following:
Install Vanced Manager as the first step.
Use the main menu to install MicroG.
After MicroG is installed, continue with the installation of YT Vanced.


Q1. Who came up with YouTube Vanced?

If you’re curious about who they are, YouTube Vanced was made by four people named file in, Laura, ZaneZam, and KevinX8. The Vanced Team made the app.

Q2. Does Vanced YouTube music not have any ads?

Most people get annoyed when there are too many YouTube ads while listening to music. But the YouTube Music Vanced APK doesn’t have any ads at all. Yes, you can use the YouTube Music Vanced APK to listen to music without seeing any ads.

Q3. Can I find this YouTube Music Vanced APK in the Play store?

If you go to the play store to look for the YouTube Music Vanced APK, you won’t find it.


In my opinion, YouTube Music Vanced APK is the best way to listen to music on the internet. Because here you can listen to any music without seeing any ads, this service is free. The Vanced Team also made this YouTube Music Vanced APK, focusing on giving users the best experience in the YouTube app by adding many interesting features. So, this is the best app for you if you like to listen to music on YouTube. And below is the original download link, which will make it easy for you to download and get the app.


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