TextNow Mod Apk v22.45.1.0 (Premium Unlocked)

TextNow Mod Apk

TextNow Mod Apk is an Android app, and it’s the best way to get a new virtual SIM or online SIM for better security that works in three ways. The TextNow app is known for its high level of security and cheap rates for calling other countries.
Also, it will help you buy a UK or Canadian mobile number for the least amount. You can also use these numbers to call and text in any country for the same price as a regular call. TextNow mod apk can also be called the next-generation advanced messaging and calling app. You can hide your private number and call anyone with a virtual number.

What is a TextNow Mod Apk?

TextNow mod apk is one of the most downloaded apps for communication. It lets user text and call as much as they want without giving out their real phone numbers. This app gives each user a unique virtual phone number, which makes it easier to handle text messages for work and personal life separately. You can also use TextNow calling services to talk to family and friends in the US and Canada.
This app has a video messaging feature that makes sending videos to your friends and family easy. Sometimes the phone numbers they give you don’t work for other companies that need to verify your phone number, so you have to give up your main number and ask for a new one.


Change how your new caller looks:

Everyone’s favorite part of any app is where you can change things. You must like a customizable messaging app. TextNow MOD APK is all we want because we need something new. This great program can be changed to fit your needs and comes with headers in more than ten different colors. It will also give you light and dark themes for a professional look.

Step one toward safety:

TextNow MOD APK is the safest messaging and calling app for Android. It has a chat lock, which you can also open with your fingerprint scanner. TextNow MOD APK gives you more security because this app doesn’t have any bugs and doesn’t ask for any data permissions. So you should download it and use it as your main calling app without worry.

Premium unlocked:

Textnow’s premium membership gives you extra features, such as unlimited calling and texting, message synchronization, an ad-free experience, and many more. But you must pay for a premium subscription if you want to use them.

Experience without ads:

In the normal version of the TextNow app, different ads pop up while you use it. This slows the app down and uses more data. So, we put in a very advanced ad blocker to eliminate annoying ads.

You can call and text as much as you want:

This is the best thing about Textnow mod APK, which lets you call any number in the US or Canada as much as you want without paying a dime. You can also free send as many texts and pictures as you want.

Credits for free:

If we want to call someone outside of the US or Canada, we need calling credit, which we can buy in the app store or earn by doing offers that cost money or data. But if you install the TextNow Apk I told you about in this post, you will never run out of credit and can make as many international calls as you want.

How to install TextNow MOD APK?

Get the “TextNow MOD APK” file.
Install the APK file.
Open the Installer and finish the rest of your steps.
Wait until it’s fully installed on your Android device.
Open the MOD APK app and enjoy free resources with no limits.


Q1. Is this Mod Apk safe to use?

Yes, using TextNow Premium Apk on any Android device is completely safe.

Q2. Does anyone know about TextNow?

No, TextNow is not completely anonymous because it saves personal information about its users, such as the email address they used to sign up on its platform.

Q3. Are there ads on TextNow?

Yes, there are ads in the free version of TextNow, but if you buy the premium version, there will be no ads for the rest of your life.


TextNow MOD APK is a great change worth your time and the internet. It’s a high-tech app that lets you send text and picture messages and make international calls at the best price. It’s a real app with advanced security features and a 100% ad-free interface, which is very rare. So get it right away and enjoy instant messaging and calling worldwide at the lowest cost.

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