Stick War Legacy MOD APK v2022.1.46 (Unlimited Money, Menu)


Stick War Legacy Mod APK is a great mobile stickman game. You must work together to beat your enemies, destroy their statues, and take over their territories. It’s hard, and you must be good at strategy and tactics to win.
You will have a lot of heroes with different skills, which is good. For example, archers are good at shooting from a long distance, and mages can use powerful magic to attack their enemies.

What is a Stick War MOD APK?

Stick War: Legacy is one of the biggest, most fun, challenging, and addicting games with stick figures. In this game, you should use the statue to defend and attack your opponent’s mine. You can train miners to earn enough money to train other troops.
You can train attack and defense troops to ensure you can win the game. But players always say it’s too hard to get gems in the game. So they can’t buy all kinds of game tools and skins. It would help if you now got Stick War Legacy Mod apk.
With the Stick War Legacy Mod apk you can get as many gems as you want in the game. After you finish the tutorial, you can click on the shop. You can buy everything in the store for free. When you buy things, your gems will go up. Then you can buy things like skins and cases with these gems. You will be rich in this game if you use this mod.

Feature of Stick War Legacy Mod APK

Stick War MOD APK

Free things include gems, gold, and upgrades:

Gems and gold can also be used to buy different game items. With upgrades, you can make the units in your army stronger. You can get free Unlimited Gems, Gold, and Upgrades from a changed APK game.

Any amount of money and chests:

You can only get chests by completing missions or logging in every day. But if you change how the game works, you can open as many cool chests as you want. You’ll need money to buy the different items and traits in the game. Also, you can make as much money as you want with the mod APK version. You don’t have to do any of the many missions anymore.

B Amazing Gameplay:

Stick War doesn’t have a traditional legacy game. The game is allowed to pull you away. The game has a mode called “Permanently Dead Zombie,” where you can fight against your blood-hungry zombies to test your skills. How long should you go against this fear rule? You should get this game if you want to know what to do.

How to Keep Living:

In this game mode, zombies will attack you, and you must stay alive. The game never ends, but you can call your boss to stop the war tactics. How long can you stay alive when zombies keep coming at you? You can offer this style and show off your skills.

How to install stick war legacy mod apk?

Get stick war legacy mod apk.
Put Download Apk on your computer without using the internet.
Open the Installer and finish the rest of your steps.
Wait until it’s fully installed on your Android device.
Open the MOD APK app and enjoy free resources with no limits.


Q1. How big is the APK file for Stick War Legacy?

The Stick War Legacy APK is 103 MB in size, so it shouldn’t be hard to get it on your Android device.

Q2. What’s the minimum age to play Stick War Legacy mod apk?

Stick War: Legacy is only for people at least 13 years old because it has violence, blood, and some in-app purchases.

Q3. Is Stick War: Legacy free to play?

Stick War: Legacy is free to play, but you can buy things inside the app that make it easier to play.

Q4. When will there be more Stick War Legacy levels?

Stick War Legacy gets new levels every Friday, so you can always look forward to new missions.


Stick War Legacy mod APK lets you play fun and challenging battles. There are also many different ways to play, making it fun to do over and over again. To make your units stand out, you can also change how they look.
Stick War Legacy MOD Menu APK is an excellent game if you want to do something fun and challenging. It has all the things you need to have fun. You can get as many gems and gold as you want, so you will always have enough.

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