Spotify APK v8.7.72.546 (Premium Unlocked)

We know that the free version of Spotify apk is annoying because you can’t skip as many songs as you want, the music isn’t very good, and there are a lot of ads. All of these things completely ruin the experience of listening to music. But you no longer have to worry. With the Spotify Premium mod unlocked version, you can get almost all of the premium features for free. Spotify mod will give you access to all the premium features, like the ability to skip songs as many times as you want, play any song from your playlist, shuffle songs as much as you want, and block all ads. You will also be able to use the search bar.

what is Spotify APK?

Spotify is the number one music streaming service, and many people use it. In 2015, statistics showed that the app had 60 million users, including 15 million paid users, which is impressive. What makes Spotify the best way to stream music right now?

Features of Spotify Apk


Download music

You can download music and listen to it when you’re not connected to the Internet. You can download up to 3,333 songs from your playlist and listen to them even when you’re not online Also You can save a lot of Internet data and bandwidth by listening to music offline.

Extreme Sound Quality

Each soundtrack is available in three different qualities: Normal, High, and Extreme. The highest quality is called “Premium,” and the music is played at 320Kbps, which makes listening to music more enjoyable and immersive.

Zero Commercial

You can listen to your favorite music and soundtracks without seeing or hearing any commercials or ads. This includes both audio and video ads. So you won’t have to stop listening to music at any point.

Play Any Soundtrack

You can’t skip tracks in the free version. But if you get the Spotify Premium apk, you will have more control over the player because it will let you play any music you want whenever you want. Find a game and play.

Unlimited Music Skip

You don’t have to wait for the music to end. You can skip the current song whenever you want and start listening to the next one on your playlist.

Unlimited Shuffle

Yes, the free version doesn’t let you shuffle as much as you want, and you can’t play any song from the playlist. But if you pay for Premium, you can shuffle as many times as you want.

Save Storage Space

If you stream all of your favorite music and soundtracks from Spotify’s servers, you can save a lot of space on your device. Streaming music, on the other hand, will use up some of your Internet data, so if you’re traveling or not near WiFi, be smart to save bandwidth.

How to install Spotify APK?


Use the link at the beginning to download the latest version of the Spotify Premium apk.
Click on the file you just downloaded to start the installation.
Depending on the version of Android on your phone, you may see a message that says, “For your security, your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source.” Tap the button labeled Settings.
Allow installation from sources you don’t know.
Allow from this source will be an option in the new open menu. To allow the installation, tap the toggle switch right next to it.
Get the app.
Now, return to the screen for installation. Tap the button labeled “Install.”
Pull up the app
Tap the Open button to launch the Spotify Premium app.
6. Go to your Spotify account and sign in.


Q1. Is the mod version of Spotify safe?

It is safe to download, install, and use the Spotify Premium mod apk on Android devices.

Q2. Why can’t I skip songs on Spotify, and why don’t I get an unlimited number of skips?

It usually happens when you already have an official Spotify app on your Android device and then tries to install the mod version on top of it.

Q3. Is using this version against the law?

We’re not sure, but I guess it’s not against the law, but it might be unethical.

Q4. Can it hurt my gadget?

No, we carefully check every apk before we offer it.

Q5. How do I get an APK for Spotify Premium?

Get the latest version from the website and install it on your phone. You just got free premium features.


This amazing app lets you listen to your favorite music or podcasts. The soulful and caring music and podcasts on the Spotify premium apk can help you relax and feel better. This app will not let you down by being slow or giving your device malware. You can make art and share it and even follow other artists to learn from them. You can find out a lot about this app once you have it with you.

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