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Shazam Apk is a great app that lets you find out the name of every song you hear as soon as you hear it. All you have to do is hold your Android phone close to the sound source and wait about five seconds for it to process the song. The program will immediately tell you the name of the song you were listening to without you having to be quiet. The program’s database can recognize songs by artists like Kanye West, Frank Sinatra, and Spice Girls.

The app’s huge music database means that nothing or almost nothing can get away. Shazam is a very useful app for music lovers because you can often hear a song you don’t know and want to find out what it is. So, you move your phone close to the sound source to find out what song is playing and listen to it as much as you want. You can play it for your friends or listen to it repeatedly.

What is a Shazam APK?

The Shazam app can help you figure out what song is playing near you. It can be helpful if you want to find out the name of a song you heard in a store, on the radio, or elsewhere. To use Shazam, you must open the app and hold it up to the music. Shazam Encore is the best app for finding songs and identifying them. It works on various platforms, like Android. Shazam Entertainment was the first company to work on the app. At the moment, there are a lot of programs and software that can help you come up with a song title.

Features Shazam APK


Pop-up Shazam

Many people watch videos on social networks. Sometimes, a song in a certain video will make you feel good. If you keep this app running in the background and use the pop-up feature, Shazam will immediately get information about the song you just heard. Your playlist will have the music you like.

Dark Mode

With just one touch, you can easily switch apps to Dark Mode. This mode will save battery life and keep your eyes from getting tired while you use it.

Find out what the most popular songs are

If you go to the Discover category, you’ll get suggestions for songs you might like based on the songs you’ve looked for in the past.

Offline mode

Shazam works even in places where there’s no internet. But you’ll only be able to use a few features, and the results won’t be as accurate as when you’re online.

Give your music to your friends
You can easily share your favorite songs other social networks. You can listen to the hottest songs with your friends and share your love of music with everyone. If you like a song, don’t be shy about telling your friends about it.
Sync up the lyrics
Shazam not only shows song titles, albums, artists, and composers, but it can also sync up lyrics and show them on the main screen.

How to Install Shazama APK?


To get the Shazam app on your Android device, you need to:
Go to your Android device’s Settings menu and turn on the “Unknown Sources” option.
Now, open your device’s file manager and look for the Shazam file you downloaded.
Open the file and choose “Install” from the drop-down menu.
Installation is done. Click to open the app and start using it.


Q1. Can I use Shazam to look for songs with lyrics?

Yes, you can search for songs based on a verse or even just a phrase. This feature is a great way to figure out what song you’re listening to when you can’t remember the title but can remember some of the lyrics.

Q2. How do I get Shazam to work with Spotify?

To connect Shazam to Spotify, go to the app’s settings and open the section called “Configuration.” After that, you can connect Shazam to your Apple Music and Spotify accounts.

Q3. Is Shazam at no cost?

Shazam is a free app, yes. With this tool, you can find songs in seconds, find out who the most popular artists are in each area, and listen to their songs or watch their videos for free.

Q4. If I delete the Shazam app, what happens?

If you delete the Shazam app, you will lose your listening history. But before you delete the app, you can export your listening history.


With the Shazam app, it’s easy to find songs you like. You can also look for the words to the song you want. The Shazam app is a great way to find songs you love. The Shazam app on your computer will tell you exactly what song is playing on your computer. You can find songs and lyrics in no time. The app is rated for teens. We can install and download it on Android devices that support 23 APIs or more. Shazam can tell in seconds what song is being played. All without cost: You can find artists, lyrics, and playlists. More than a billion downloads have been made, and the number keeps growing.

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