OG Instagram APK v15.4 (Features Unlocked)

OG Instagram APK

OG Instagram Apk is a top-rated unofficial social media app that lets us share photos, videos, GIFs, and other social media content with friends and family. Most people use this app to talk to their friends and family, find new people to talk to, and make new friends.
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Name OG Instagram

Genre Social
Size 26 MB
Version 10.15.0

What is OG Instagram APK?

OGInsta Apk is a modified or alternative version of Instagram. It has you won’t find on Instagram. Instagram is a popular way for people to share their everyday moments with their friends, family, and other people. We can watch videos, share photos, watch videos on IGTV, chat, go live, and do other things on Instagram.

Why do you need Instagram?

“Instagram” has many features, like photos and videos, watching videos on IGTV, going live, chatting with other people, and much more. However, it is missing some things that it should have. That’s why we need moderators on Instagram. One of them is OGInsta. With Instagram for Android, we can do many things, like download photos and videos, share URLs directly, and much more.

Features of OG Instagram Apk:

1. Multiple Accounts

It’s a handy feature for people who have more than one account. We can use more than one account simultaneously with the Instagram apk. It means that you don’t have to sign out of one account to sign in to another. Click “Change Account” and sign in to your other account.

2. Link Sharing

Link sharing is an essential tool that lets you share any profile URL with your OG Instagram friends or friends on Whatsapp, Facebook, or any other social platform.

3. Zoom User photo

It’s the most valuable part. It’s not in the Official version because it could be a privacy risk. But you can also get it on OG Instagram. This feature lets us see other users’ profile pictures full screen and then save them by taking them on our phones.

4. IGTV Video Download

As we all know, the Official app is where you can watch long videos on IGTV. We can’t get it from the official app, though. Because of this, OG Instagram Apk lets us download videos from IGTV using an unofficial app.


5. Message Translation

Although! The OG Instagram app is a social media app that lets people from different countries talk to each other in their languages. But the language barrier makes it hard for people to talk to each other due to this obstacle. This unofficial app made it possible for live chat messages to be translated. Which helps the sender and receiver read and understand the message in their language.

6. Connect with Facebook

OG Instagram Apk works with the official app’s API, and as we all know, Instagram is made by Facebook. The unofficial app lets us share any public post directly to our Facebook profiles with just one click.

7. Download Stories

You can also copy the status of text to the clipboard. It’s a valuable feature that the Official app doesn’t have.

8. Foreign Language Support

Instagram is a social media app that is used all over the world by many people, which has people from almost every country using it. Because the OG version had language from 100 countries, this app does too. Before you log in, click “Language” at the top of the page and choose the language you speak.

9. Download Media Files

It is a unique feature of OGInsta+ Apk that lets you download photos, videos, and other media files directly to your device. You can save it to your device by clicking the three-dot button.

How to Install OG Instagram?

Follow a few simple steps to set up Instagram on your Android.
⦁ First, to install OG Instagram, you have to allow installation from unknown sources. You can’t install the APK unless you give this permission. To enable installation from unknown sources, go to device settings, then security, then permissions, and then enable unknown source.
⦁ 2Once you’ve turned on “Unknown sources,” you’ll need to find the file you downloaded on your device. It will default to be in the device storage > downloads > OG Instagram APK folder.
⦁ Wait a few seconds, and OG Instagram will be done being set up. If you have OGInsta on your phone, don’t forget to let us know how the OGInsta mod APK worked for you in the comment box.

FAQS of OG Instagram:

1. Is it safe to use OG Instagram APK?

Yes, it is safe for your device in every way. Unlike many mod APKs, you can install it without rooting your device. You don’t have to worry about installing Instagram; you can use all of its features and have a great time with it.

2. Will I be banned from Instagram while using OG Instagram APK?

Instagram won’t kick you off because OGInstagram uses an anti-ban system to stop banning accounts. It won’t hurt your bank account.

3. Can I talk to my friends through OG Instagram?

You can talk to your friends on OG Instagram, yes. It works the same way as the official Instagram app regarding the following and unfollowing people. Even in a conversation with a friend from another country, you can use the auto translator to translate languages, which is very helpful.

4. Can I chat with friends on Instagram?

If you can’t install the APK, you should check the required Android version of the APK and see if it matches the version of Android on your device. If not, try to get the most recent version.

5. What are some advantages of using OG Instagram?

Using the official version has a lot of good points. It has excellent features, like downloading images, videos, anyone’s story, or a copy of their bio. We can even zoom in on our profile pictures. Also, it has a lot you can read about in the article. So read and you’ll understand.


The OG Instagram Apk app for Android is a beautiful social media app that has many new features that are helpful and fun. Even though it is a version that has been banned, it is legal and safe from all unwanted malware. Here, you can easily download it without leaving your home.

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