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The greatest method for rooting a smartphone without using a Windows PC or a completely automated procedure is IRoot APK. The company known as IRoot Technology Ltd. created the one-click rooting tool. It is cross-platform and supports various devices with operating systems ranging from 2.3 to 5.0. By rooting your device, you can entirely manage the functioning of Android’s subsystems.

Without the need for administrator-level permissions, it can run all apps. By preventing automated background operations, you can quickly gain access to powerful applications like Greenify or Xposed Framework that are essential for extending battery life. You may easily use modified ROMs, kernels, themes, and apps and install them. It can also remove all files that might be incompatible between updates and established versions.

What is IRoot APK?

You can root your Android device with the root app with only one click. One of the root apps for Android smartphones and tablets is IRoot APK, which millions of people use. The greatest app for smartphone rooting is this one. The use of this software may have an impact on all Android 5.0 or later smartphones. You’ll be able to remove the device with a button quickly. You can download any file; there are Windows and Android versions for the user experience. The most recent iRoot APK for Android and the Windows PC version is shared in this article. You will be given a quick rundown of this app’s key features. Additionally, we’ll explain how to leverage this on PC and phone.

Features of IRoot Apk:


Optimal Root App:

Since a rooted Android app received assistance, other apps similar to iRoot were released. One of the greatest programs for rooting Android smartphones without a PC is IRoot. The iRoot Android app has many fantastic rooting options that will benefit you from Android rooting devices. Some functionality may not be available in the majority of rooted applications.

Extremely Compatible:

The iRoot app for Android APK is compatible with a wide range of Android smartphones and tablets, which is another positive. You can download and use iRoot if your Android device runs 5.0 or higher. Additionally, this software supports multiple languages, so you can adjust it to your preferences. So don’t hesitate and use this post to instantly get iRoot for free.

Take advantage of rooting:

You can install custom ROMs on your device to alter how it functions and looks using the iRoot software. After using iRoot to root your device, you can uninstall pre-installed applications from your Android. You can now edit the source code of other installation software to disable notifications, thanks to the recently released iRoot app. You can get this notification when looking for a certain app version.

Simple to Use:

The process of rooting an Android handset might be confusing for many individuals. You can worry-free root your Android 5.0 or tablet device using the iRoot app on your smartphone. So, you don’t require a computer, laptop, or any other device to use root for rooting. You can root your device with a few clicks and enjoy rooting opportunities.

Fully Free and Secure:

For safe and cost-free mobile and tablet hacking, use the iRoot app for Android. While using this program to root, you don’t need to be concerned about anything. We strongly warn against using any website that offers the most hacked APK because it might not be secure. This page contains the tests.

How to install IRoot Apk?

  1. Open the security section of your device’s settings and activate “Unknown Sources.”
  2. Click the “Download” button to initiate the downloading procedure in the first place.
  3. The downloaded file will automatically be saved in “Downloads,” but you may also find it by opening the “File Manager.”
  4. After that, click the “Install” option and wait for the installation to be finished.
  5. After the installation is finished, launch the program.


Q1. Is it free?

Yes, using iRoot on any device is completely free.

Q2. How safe is the app?

Many applications enable you to root your devices, but only a select number are genuinely effective. Although rooting Android devices is permitted, there are

Q3. How do I install iRoot?

Download the application from this page, click Install to install the software, and proceed as directed.

Q4.When I update the IRoot app, will I lose my data?

No, updating won’t cause you to lose any data. When updating the app file via APK file.


A rooting app for Android called iRoot APK allows you to root your device. Anyone may easily install this software on their phone because it was made by experienced programmers and has an intuitive UI. You should be aware that the Play Store has many similar apps, but most contain adverts or secret features. Therefore, use caution while downloading software from unidentified sites as it may contain malware or viruses that seriously damage your device and the data saved.

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