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Insata Thunder Apk


Insta Thunder Apk is a MOD for Instagram that lets you do things like download publications and Stories and block ads on your timeline. We often see photos and stories on Instagram that we want to keep, but we can’t because the official app doesn’t let us (they can only be bookmarked, not downloaded). But if you still use the old GBInsta, YOInsta, Instagram Pro, or any other mod Insta, we could fix this with an app like Insta Thunder. In this case, one of the best apps for you is Insta Thunder, which is fully updated and has many new features that the older mod Insta apps don’t have.

What is Insta Thunder?

The Inst thunder APK is the best Inst Mod for Android devices. Also, there’s nothing else to worry about. We have a brand-new Insta thunder that is better and more functional than the Other Insta Mod. The developer just released the latest version based on the Play Store. Insta Thunder Apk is another excellent Instagram Mod with many great features. The app is made to protect your privacy and keep you safe. It has Pro features like watching without ads and saving IGTV videos straight to your device.

Features of Insta Thunder Apk :

1. Getting Media

Like other “mod” apps, this lets you download photos, videos, and “stories” from Instagram.

2. Hide View Stories

On Insta Thunder, you can also make your story private. So, nobody will ever find out that you’ve read their stories.

3. Hide typing status

When we send a message, others can see the symbol we are typing. The Insta thunder app can change this typing state.

4. Media max quality

Insta Thunder doesn’t change the quality of the images or videos you email or post to your profile.

5.  Stopping to tracker

You can use Insta Thunder to find out who has stopped following you. So, you can choose who to take off your list of followers and how many to take off.

6. Open a direct link

When you click directly link open, the link will open right from the comments section.

7. Enable/Disable Double-Tap Like

If you don’t like the double-tap-to-like feature in Insta Thunder, you can turn it on and off.

8. Enlarge Illustration

Sometimes, we need a picture to show what we mean. We need the zoom feature in the Insta thunder app because of this.

9. Altra privacy

Privacy is essential in every app. This version protects your privacy in many ways. (Don’t mark direct messages as read, hide View Stories, or hide the fact that you’re typing in them.)

10 .Download Stories & Media

It is easy way able to download stories.You can save stories and download photos and videos from feeds using both the download button and the additional option.

11. Save IGTV Videos

You can save videos from IGTV to your Android device’s storage.

12. Ad-free

Instagram Pro (InstaPro) doesn’t have any ads at all. Between the feed and the stories, there won’t be any ads.

13. Photos in max quality

With this feature, you can share at full resolution.. Comments and posts are translated into English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Turkish.

14. In-app browser

You can open a different browser if you want to click on a link.

15. Shopping items in search

You can disable advertisement items.

16. Unfollowing tracker

Many people know who stopped following them. This choice makes sense in this situation. This Instagram even shows a list of people who have stopped following it.

17. App lock

You no longer need any other programs and tools. You can use a PIN code to lock your Instagram account.

18. Follows You

It’s easy to see who’s following you.

19. Chats DND Mode

You can’t send messages or get them.

20. Translation

Before sending a message, it is also translated.

Some shortcuts features of Insta Thunder Apk

  •  Enable/Disable Double-tap to like
  • With three taps, you can get media.
  • A long tap makes the image bigger.
  • Don’t let the camera and direct messages be accessed by swiping.

Mini features

  • Copy comments.
  • Make a copy of the user’s bio.
  • Links in comments worked right away.

How to Install Thunder APK?

  1. Remove the original Instagram app from the Google Play Store as a first step.
  2.  After uninstalling Insta Thunder, click on the link above to get the latest version of the Insta Thunder APK.
  3. During the installation process, you might get a warning about this installation; take your time.
  4. Tap the APK file for Insta Thunder to install it on your Android phone.


1. Which Instagram account is the best?

Answer: There are a lot of astonishing Instagram accounts on the internet. So, Insta Thunder is one of the best Instagram apps that have been changed.

2. Is the new Insta Mod Insta Thunder?

Answer: Yes!! It’s a new version of the Instagram app.

3. What is the purpose of utilizing Insta Thunder?

Answer: It has many extra features that weren’t in the other Instagram apps.


I hope this is enough information to help you get Insta thunder. But you will have a great time using the original Instagram app. But if you already use a modified Instagram app, it will give you the same new and updated features as your modified Insta app. The best Instagram mod for Android devices is the Insta Thunder APK. In addition to what happens in SamMods.  There is an excellent reason to be scared, by the way. In terms of design and use, Insta Thunder is a complete replacement for Other Insta Mod. The engineer just finished adding the most recent change to the Play Store’s base.

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