Idle Heroes Mod APK v1.30.0 Download For Android

Idle Heroes Mod APK

Idle Heroes Mod APK is an engaging action game that aims to assemble the game’s most vital and best heroes to combat destructive forces. The game puts your strategic abilities to the test, as you must use them to fight the evil forces and complete each level’s objectives. You will begin the game with a single character and gradually assemble a team of the most powerful characters to win. Each level of this game will present you with various items that will make your character powerful and tall or help your hero grow. Similarly, you will aid in developing all the heroes on your team before defeating the evil forces.

What is idle Heroes Mod APK?

Idle Heroes is an addicting “Survival and RPG” game produced by the renowned video game developer DHGAMES. This game’s ultimate objective is to develop your character and evil combat forces by traveling to multiple locations on the map.

If you are looking for the most recent version of Idle Heroes MOD APK, you have come to the right spot. Download and install the Idle Heroes MOD APK to obtain VIP 13 with Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Gems, and all Heroes unlocked for free. Unlike other RPGs on the market, Idle Heroes is a sequel to Endless gaming that is action-packed. From the Mysterious Sarah Forest to the awe-inspiring areas above the Sky, go deeply into destinations and engage in dangerous quests and raids.

Tips for playing Idle Heroes APK:

1. Free 5-star hero

You will have the opportunity to create an account at the start of the game. This will get you a free 5-star hero that will aid you throughout the game. Due to the rarity of these heroes, the endeavor is undoubtedly worthwhile.

2. Log in every day

You will receive awards for playing the game every day. You need not play for an extended period; only log in.

3. Don’t bother with low-rank heroes

Building the optimal squad requires balance, but there is no use in wasting time on heroes with fewer than four stars. They will quickly become obsolete.

4. Use the Aspen Dungeon

You will have the chance to combat enemy waves in the Aspen Dungeon every 48 hours. Doing so will get you some fabulous goodies and a tone of experience.

5. Use demon potions against healers

You will discover that healers are among the most challenging foes to slay. You get surplus energy from demon potions, which you can use to unleash terrible strikes — the kind that can kill a healer.

Features of Idle Heroes Mod APK:

1. Idle system

This means that your heroes will continue to function even while you’re not actively playing the game, and you’ll be able to reap the benefits of their skill advancements when you return to the game after an extended hiatus.

2. Guilds wars

You will be able to form your guild, join an existing one, and compete with other guides to control the continent. Train legendary heroes and collaborate with your allies to construct an unbeatable strategy guide.

3. 200+ heroes


There are around 200 heroes in the game, belonging to many warring factions. They possess unique qualities that distinguish them from others. Once you have one, you may equip it with various clothing and equipment and train it to evolve its talents and strength.

3. Global arena

Fight against other heroes from around the globe and lead your team to victory in the ultimate global PVP arena combat.

4. Evolving strategy

Over 200 heroes from various factions, each with unique abilities, are available to summon your warriors, TRAIN them to become strong heroes or develop them into Spirit material. Create magical equipment to outfit your soldiers for victory.

5. Lots of content

With an abundance of battlefields and dungeons, heroic quests, secret towers, an arena, and guilds, this game is a lot of fun.

6. Worldwide Area

Bring your best heroes into the ARENA to wage battle. Observe them PK online in a competition for glory. Ascend the Chief leader board for the best prizes.

7. Daily Log-in

You must log in every day to receive many awards from the game; you must log in every day. This feature enables you to obtain incredible surprises.

8. All Premium Items for Free


You can access all the free stuff with a single click.

How to install Idle Heroes Mod APK?


  1.  Download the Idle Heroes Mod APK.
  2. Install Download APK without an internet connection.
  3.  Launch the Installer and finish the process.
  4. Allow it to install entirely on your Android device.
  5. Launch the MOD APK App and Benefit from Free, Unrestricted Resources.

Pros and Cons of Idle heroes Mod APK:


  •  Enjoy Extraordinary Characteristics
  • Obtain New Items before the Official Game
  • Use It Regardless of Official Game Restrictions


  • Not the Authoritative Game
  • Not Available through Google Play
  •  May Contain Advertisements and Other Codes
  • Game play Analysis (Graphics, Sounds & Characters)
  •  Graphics
  • Sound Quality & Effects
  • Characters


1. How to download this game?

The official game version is available for free download. You can also download the game’s APK file and install it on your mobile device.

2. What kind of game is this?

This is a role-playing game in which heroes can be selected and upgraded. Play arena modes and unleash your heroes’ skills.

3. What is the highest level of heroes in this game?

You can level up your heroes to level 40. You can upgrade your heroes’ skills and boost their status to a maximum of 40.


The game play of idle heroes is quite pleasant; if you play it once, you will become a fan because there is nothing that could be improved; every feature is fantastic. The idle heroes mod APK unlimited everything 2022 is free to use, but you must play the mod version since you must purchase specific stuff if you play the originals. On our website, you can download updated versions of Idle Heroes for Android and IOS. If you are a PC user, you should play Idle Heroes PC.

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