Friendly IQ Mod APK v2.5.2 Download For Android

Friendly IQ Mod APK is an add-on that is used in most social networking apps. It has many nice features that user experience better. It can also manage all systems and changes directly, giving users access to new features that weren’t available on the original platforms. The app also works with many helpful tools that help users download all the important files or content from social networking sites.

What is Friendly IQ Mod APK?

Friendly IQ MOD APK is a very cool app that every user can use for their social media accounts. A group of friendly app studios worked together to make this amazing app. You can use this app if you want to look through all of your accounts quickly. You can download this app from any media, including videos, photos, and files.

This app, you can change anything you download from and then use it to report it right away. You can click on the link below if you want to download this friendly IQ MOD APK app. This app is for people with many accounts on different social media platforms. With this app, we can keep track of all their accounts in one place.
We all know that he often wants to get videos and pictures from our social media sites. If you had this app on your phone, it would be easy to download all kinds of media. It also has a built-in photo and video player, which is very helpful.

Features of Friendly IQ Mod APK

Download any media:

With Friendly’s browser, it’s easy to save any video, photo, or gif to your device.

Do more with videos:

Our video player is very advanced. It can pause, seek, change the speed, and download.

Do more with photos:

Our photo viewer makes it easy to zoom in, download, and change photos.

Edit and repost photos:

Our advanced watermark editor gives you full control over the text, colors, avatar, opacity, and position of the watermark.

Save battery life:

Our browser is set up to use the mobile sites’ “lite” versions. We have a dark mode for other social sites. Our design and animations are made to use as little power as possible. We use fewer services and tasks in the background than native social apps, and you can turn off all notifications or choose how often to check.

Save space on your device:

Our light browser makes the most of your storage space and cache, and with one lite app, you can access your social accounts.

Customize your experience:

You can choose and use your color scheme. Please find out more about our small mode for your feed.

How to Install Friendly IQ MODE APK?

Click the link to get the Friendly IQ MOD APK on your device.
Save the file you just downloaded right away on your computer.
When the installation is done, click “Open” to start playing Friendly IQ MOD APK on your phone.


Q1. Are those Apk files safe to use?

Anyone can download and use APK files, which are legal software. The best way to get great apps and save space on your phone is to use APK files. The easiest way to fill up your phone’s storage space is to download free and safe apk files.

Q2. Is it safe to download this Apk file?

Yes. You don’t have to worry about getting other software files from this site.

Q3. Why can’t I get this mod to work?

You need first to uninstall the old one.

Q4. How do I ask for a mod or upload one?

You can find these in the Friendly IQ MOD APK app with one click.


If you’re looking for an app that lets you quickly download videos and photos from social media sites. If so, you’re right because we told you about the Friendly IQ MOD APK app in today’s post. This is the best app for this job because its interface is so clear and easy to use that you won’t have any trouble with it. You can get this friendly IQ MOD APK app for free by going to our website and downloading it.

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