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eBay APK v6.82.0.1 Download For Android

eBay APK is the most well-known auction house on the Internet, not Christie’s or Sotheby’s. This service began on the web in 1995. It has spread to mobile platforms like iPhone and Android. It connects people who want to sell new or used things with people who might be interested in buying them. eBay is one of the most important online stores in the world, where you can find phones, antiques, cars, books, movies, clothes, and more.

What is an eBay APK?

The eBay app is mostly used to sell products you want to sell on your own or as part of a line. If you have the original box for the Item you’re selling. You can use the eBay app to scan the barcode and add all the information about it to your listing. If you don’t have a bar code, eBay added a product name search that works the same way if you can find the Item’s name on the list.

After scanning or typing in the description, eBay’s app will do a one-to-one match with its catalog to help fill in the needed information for that product. It will also give sellers a stock photo, eBay’s suggestion for the price, and suggestions for how to ship the product. The app’s new ability to quickly list the Item uses structured data and predictive analytics to pre-populate listings with the needed information instead of relying on sellers to type it themselves.

Features eBay APK



You can find a lot of different things on the eBay app. You can find any product here, like Home & Garden, Sports, Fashion & Accessories, Beauty Products, Arts & Crafts, Mobile Phones, eBay Motors, etc.

1. Post listings to social media sites:

This app lets you share eBay listings with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Any eBay listing has options in the upper right corner that let you share it on Facebook or Twitter or email it to a friend. Also, you can put it on Pinterest.

2. More Search Options:

The eBay app gives you the most advanced ways to search. It lets you search by location, price range, buying format, number of bids, the currency of sale, and much more. This feature makes it easier and quicker to find the things you want.

3. Refinement of Search Criteria:

This online shopping app gives you some links and options after searching for a keyword, so you can narrow down what eBay offers. It helps you get more specific with your searches.

4. Find an image:

One of the coolest things about eBay is the image search. You can use eBay’s Image Search to find similar products by selecting an image from your gallery or clicking on an instant picture of a product you like.

5. Shopping Cart:

One of the best features is the shopping cart. It makes buying multiple things on eBay much easier because you can pay for them all with just one click at the end.

6. Reviews and Products:

There is an option on eBay called “Products and Reviews” that shows you the search results as a list of products with user reviews instead of as a list of individual listings. With this feature, you can look at products by brand and model, and all the listings for a given brand and model will be in the same place.

7. List of wishes:

With the eBay app, you can add any item to your Wish List and list things you’d like to buy. You can publicize your Wish List and share it with friends on other platforms.

8. Put in my favorites:

You can put any product you like, want, or already own on your “Favorites” list on eBay. By looking at these items, eBay can figure out what kinds of items you might want to see more of.

How to Install eBay APK?


Get the app you want to put on your Mac from the app.
Double-click the installer in the Downloads folder to open it.
Drag and drop the app into the Applications folder from the app installer.
Double-click the app’s icon in the Applications folder to open it.


Q: Is it safe to download eBay?

When the user downloads the APK file and let the user download it immediately. Users don’t have to worry about the games and apps we post on our website.

Q: Why do you need permission to install eBay?

The app needs to be able to access your device’s system. When you install an app, you will see a list of all the permissions it needs to run.


The eBay app works well and is easy to use. I like that you can filter out different parts of your order, like whether you want free shipping or not, whether you want a new or used product, where in the world you want the merchant to be, and many other great things. You can put it in the price range you want. eBay’s ordering filter is better and has more options than Amazon’s. I give five stars to the eBay app.

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