Discord APK v154.21 Download For Android

Discord Apk Chat for Gamers is the official app that makes it easy and fast to talk to other people who are playing the same games as you. Chatting and sending voice messages are both ways to talk to other people. You can use Discord on any device by going to the website in your browser. This is one of the best things about the app: you can sign in with your user info and pick up a conversation on a different device right where you left off. You can make your channels and invite your friends to join through the interface of Discord. Aside from that, you can join any public channel as long as you have the invitation code, which isn’t hard to find, especially for the most popular games like Battlefield, Day Z, Minecraft, Modern Warfare, or Hearthstone.

What is Discord APK?

Over time, Discord has become one of the most used chat apps. Discord is one of the most popular ways for people to talk online because it can be set up in many different ways and is easy to use, even in the browser version. Sony invested in Discord so that its system could be built consoles. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about Discord in this article.

Features of Discord APK

Good-sounding voice chat


The main thing people know about Discord is that it lets you talk to your friends while you play games. The sound quality is good, and a built-in filter automatically cuts down on background noise. If you want, you can make free video calls or create chat groups for each game and battle. Discord is free and doesn’t have any ads, but it has such good chat. The sound quality is also very stable, which is not the case with many other voice chat apps.

Text and talk

There is more to Discord than just voice chat. There is also chat and text chat. With these features, users will be able to talk to each other while playing the game, talk about strategies and battle modes, and give each other different roles and places on the battlefield. You can also add photos or GIFs to your texts to make them more fun

Easy to understand

Users all over the world like the interface of Discord, especially how the feature buttons are placed on the screen in a way that makes sense, stands out and is easy to get to. Almost anyone, of any age, can get used to it after a few tries.

Private servers

You can make a Discord server private, which means that only the people you invite can read the posts and join the conversations. This is a great way to keep people from hearing your private conversations.

From beginning to end

Discord uses end-to-end encryption, so only the two people talking to each other can read the messages. It also means that no one else can read them, not even the company.

Video and voice calls

You can make both voice and video calls on Discord, so it’s a great way to keep in touch with family and friends who live far away.

How to Install Discord APK?

In the sidebar, click the Download button. The page where you can get Discord will open in a new tab.
Click the button that says “Download for Windows,” and the setup file will start to download.
When the setup file has finished downloading to your computer, open it to start the installation process.
If you already have a Discord account, you can sign in now. If you don’t have an account, you can make one by clicking the Register link.


Q1. How do I invite someone to join my Discord?

To add someone to Discord, you’ll need their user name and tag. Click “Add Friends” after opening the “Friends” tab. Send the request by copying the name and tag without any spaces between them.

Q2. How do I set up a server for Discord?

To make your server in Discord, click the “+” button in the lower right corner and choose “Make a new server.” You can make your channel stand out by giving it a name and a picture.

Q3. How do I get Discord on my Android device?

You can get Discord for Android by going to its official website or downloading one of the versions from Up to down. With either option, you can download it for free.

Q4. How much does using Discord cost?

This app can be used for free. It does, however, have some extra features that cost money, like improving the servers, increasing the number of characters per message, or limiting the number of people on each server.


What used to be a way for gamers to talk to each other is now a way for anyone to talk to each other. Discord is a great place to hang out online because it’s easy to use and has great features. You can make your private Discord server or join a public one with people who like the same things you do. There is no time limit on video or voice chats, so you can check in on the group whenever you want. Each server has its text and voice channels in a different room. The conversations are easier to follow in these rooms.

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