Crypto Tracker Coin Stats Mod APK v4.9.0.0 (Pro / Paid Features Unlocked)

Crypto Tracker Coin Stats Mod APK is the best app to keep track of your portfolio. Keep up with the latest prices on the crypto market. You can see all the important market data in one place and keep an eye on your whole crypto portfolio. Coin Stats lets you keep track of all of your cryptocurrencies in one app and sync them all together. It is complex enough that professional investors can use it, but simple enough that anyone can use it.
You can track your progress, read news about cryptocurrencies, and predict how the value of cryptocurrencies will change. Advanced crypto alerts let you know right away when the price of a cryptocurrency changes. Coin Stats will help you make better choices about where to put your money.
You can see the price of crypto in real time and how it changes. Coin Stats shows all the latest news about cryptocurrencies from more than 40 different sources on one screen.

What is a Crypto Tracker Coin Stats Mod APK?

Crypto Coin Stats Mod APK is an app that lets users keep track of different types of cryptocurrency quickly and accurately. All of the information in this app is always up to date in real-time, so you won’t miss any chances to invest. Let’s find out more about this app in this article.
Coin Stats gathers all the data and information from international markets about cryptocurrencies and other product categories and clearly shows it. It also has a secure and flexible merchant market and multiple levels of authentication. You can use your assets without worrying. Also, users can keep track of every minute change in any coin and use NFTs to make a lot of money.

Features of Crypto Tracker Coin Stats Mod APK


⦁ Coin Research

Look for the next big coin. Filtering, sorting, and research tools that are more advanced make it easier to find your next cryptocurrency investment.

⦁ Track the price of every coin and bitcoin

Never miss a chance to buy or sell something. You can easily track and follow the real-time prices of more than 5,000 cryptocurrencies and get charts and analytical data. Choose the exchange you want to use, look at the average price across all exchanges, and mark the coins you want to keep an eye on as “favourites.”

⦁ Crypto charts

Use candle charts and line charts to see how all crypto coins have done in the past.

⦁ Portfolio analytics

Connect your exchange accounts or wallets to get personalised analytics like “Total fee paid to exchange” or alerts like automatic price changes, order fills, or wallet transactions. You can always know what’s going on with your holdings.

⦁ Portfolio sharing

Compare your crypto holdings with those of your friends and keep track of your gains over time. You can share one or more of your portfolios with other CoinStats users. It will show up in their app or website.

⦁ Crypto news

Coin Stats pulls news about cryptocurrencies from more than 40 different sources and puts it all on one screen, making it easy to stay on top of the market.

⦁ Crypto widdle

With native widgets, it’s easy to check out crypto, the price of bitcoin, and your portfolio. Put a widget on your home screen to get the latest news.

⦁ Weekly update

Every week, we add new features and fixes to the Coin Stats app to make it better for our users. You can look at our backlog and plans on our feedback page.

⦁ Alerts

Set up price, limit, volume, and coin market cap tracker alerts for all cryptocurrencies. You don’t miss any opportunities.

How to install Crypto Tracker Coin Stats Mod APK

Get our modified APK file.
You install apps from sources you don’t know about from your device’s settings.
Start installing the APK file you downloaded, and wait until the process is done.
Clever! Coin Stats Pro is fun.


Q1. Where can I get apk files for Android?

On an Android device, you can find apk files in the user-installed applications section under data, applications, or directories.

Q2. Why do you need permission to put Crypto Tracker on your computer?

The app needs to be able to get into your device’s system. When you install an application, you will be told what permissions are needed to run it.


Coin Stats Pro makes it easy to use and keep track of any cryptocurrency. This app gives users a lot of useful information and is also very adaptable and easy to change to fit their needs. Also, many powerful optimization algorithms boost the app’s security level. It will make you feel safe while you use it. If you want to use the app’s most advanced features, don’t forget to use the version MOD we provide below this article.

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