Bitlife Mod APK v3.6.1 (Bitizenship Unlocked)

These days, there are several resources available to find tones of enjoyment practically every day, including movies, pictures, amusing videos, and Android games. But if we’re trying to sort through all these wonderful resources and select the finest one, Android games can greatly assist us. The visuals in Android games are of the highest calibre, matching those of the powerful and sizable PC games. You still need a real Android game to be surprised and to pass the time, though. But what if you had a smartphone Android game based on real-life, your own life? How would it work? In light of this, we present BitLife as our absolute top recommendation for all avid Android gamers.The word “life” in the game’s name refers to everything that occurs in actual life, including all the tasks and ages. Using your phone to swipe through easy activities, you can enjoy childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age. No game on the entire Android gaming spectrum is as fantastic as BitLife Apk. Additionally, you can get BitLife MOD APK from the links provided below to play the game’s premium subscription without spending a dime. All options are now up to you!

What is Bitlife Mod APK?

Bitlife Apk is an online game where you can start a brand-new life with a randomly generated character and experience various situations as you age. App presently has this game for purchase. They have frequently added interesting new features and updates to the game. So allow me to describe the game to you briefly. Every time you begin a new life in this game, it acts as a life generator. The person you are, your birth family, where you reside, and other details are randomly generated. Additionally, you can choose the name you want to give your second child. After that, there is another choice where you can include your education or the location of your studies, which may be in high school or college. After all that, you can also add that you can live anywhere you choose in a different city or nation in a different lifetime.

Features of Bitlife Mod APK

Life can be difficult, simple, or complicated at various times. Based on the choices you make, BitLife will give you a unique life experience.

Begin a Life

There are many people alive today—more than 7 billion. In the ensuing decades, this number would significantly increase. But because we all make various decisions, live in different situations, and come from diverse families, we are all distinctive in our ways. In BitLife, you can enjoy a life simulation from birth to death in whatever way you choose. You can play this simulation game and go through several life stages.

Enjoy Making Decisions

There are many simulation games to choose from. But in this one, you have complete control over your life choices. Here, you’re in charge of all the decisions you make, including whether or not to study, what to study for an undergraduate degree, how to find a date, how hard to study, whether to go to the club and many more. Depending on the decisions you make, you’ll get to experience everything life has to offer here. There is a tonne of activities and adventures in this entertaining simulation game.

Different Aspects

There are several aspects here that you’ll appreciate and remember each time. There are activities, relationships, assets, and school. Each of them is further broken into several things you can do to take care of each area of your life. You can discover love, purchase a lottery ticket, emigrate, visit the doctor, go partying, exercise your mind and body, and many other things. Your overall life and future life will be impacted by the decisions and actions you take in this situation. Enjoy the unusual today!

Enjoy a variety of lives

Each time you start here, a new life is available. You will have unusual families and situations. Therefore you will be born at random.

How to install Bitlife mod apk?

By taking the following actions, you can quickly get this application:
click the download link provided below to get started.
Your file will be prepared before being downloaded.
Go to the downloaded files right away.
click the downloaded apk file.
You will be given a choice to install. When you click on it, the installation process will begin.
You may need to permit unidentified resources.
Check the “Unknown Sources” box under Security in the Menu.
You can now start using this application.
And install Bitlife mod apk.


Q1. How much is BitLife Apk?

You will be required to pay various prices, depending on each item, each action or suggestion from the server, and other factors.

Q2. What specifications does BitLife have for the gadget?

You may easily download and register a BitLife account with just a smartphone in hand. You can enjoy exploring this game using Android 4.4 or higher and size 128MB.


Bitlife is an online game where you can start a brand-new life with a randomly generated character and experience various situations as you age. Like in real life, you can work, make money, buy and sell real estate, become famous, and use many other functions in this application. This game is meant to help you grow up and learn to make significant decisions while being aware of their implications. You are presented with various situations in the form of options, and you must choose one. The finest gaming software also aids you in daily life.

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