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Android Auto APK is the official app that can turn your car into a car from a science fiction movie. Well, it won’t change your car. But Android Auto can fully connect your Android device to your car and give you control over everything you need: navigation, reminders, your address book, and the sound.
The main car brands on the market are all on board with this technology. There are already about thirty different car brands that let you use Android Auto.
The app Android Auto is pretty useful. It won’t make your car look like something from the future, but it’s a pretty cool copilot.

What is an Android Auto A


Android Auto does is put your phone’s most useful apps on the screen of your car, making them easy to see and read while driving. For these apps to work well with Android Auto APK, you need a data connection, and some of your existing apps. This app will help you manage your sound, navigation, reminders, and address books.

It mostly works with the big car brands in the market. You can now use the Android Auto app on almost 30 different brands. This program is very useful. It’s an interesting Copilot, even though it doesn’t turn your device into a car.

Feature of Android Auto Apk

Android Auto inferface

Android Auto APK Interface’s Pros and Cons:

Its dark theme, new fonts, and color scheme make the interface look cool and easy for the driver to use while driving.

Response to Messages:

This version has a notification system that makes it easy for drivers to see, hear, and act on notifications.

Use the Menu Bar:

With a different-looking navigation bar, drivers can control the phone and apps at the same time.

Apply for Free:

It’s free to download, but you need a device version of 5.0 or higher to install it. It came out on November 13, 2016, and all of the versions that people have downloaded are in English.

Software was updated:

With the latest updates, a pop-up will appear while the car is starting up. You can play the media over and over, and if you tap on the suggested location, you can go to that place.

Built-in with screens of different sizes:

Android Auto is easy to set up on the screen in your car. With a wide interface, it’s easy to get more information.

Update Android Auto:

Android Auto is also an app, so it can be updated the same way you update other apps. Also, if you set your phone to update apps automatically, it will update itself whenever a new version comes out for a certain app.

How to install Android auto apk?

Go to “Settings” and turn “Unknown Sources” on and off.
Get Android Auto 7.9 APK for Android.
Tap on the file you just downloaded.
Tap “Install” and give all the permissions requested.
Wait until the process of installation is done.
Enjoy the game.



Q1. Does Android Auto 7.9 APK cost anything?

Yes, the app is free, and users won’t have to pay anything to use it on their phones or other devices.

Q2. Can I legally get the Android Auto 7.9 APK file?

Yes, even though it is free to use, it is safe and legal. It has a lot of great things about it.

Q3. Why does Android Auto 7.9 APK not work?

It might not work if you don’t update your app to the latest version. So you can update the app right now to ensure it works well.


We told you about your favorite apps and video games. Our goal is always to give you apps and games that are fun and well-made. You can get more free apps and games on this website and ours. If you’re ready, you can download Android Auto 7.9 APK, the latest version, to your Android phone.


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